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Remove Billing Address from Payment/Checkout


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At the moment I am building my website to only selling digital products and services. 

I'm currently not interested in taking and wanting to remove a buyer's full address, although I was like the option to get their Country of Origin and Postcode. 

I'm using the Brine template. 

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, this is not configurable. If you use Squarespace’s built in commerce features, you are forced to ask customers for (potentially unnecessary) address information.  

One workaround is to embed an alternative commerce platform into your Squarespace site instead of paying for Squarespace’s commerce features. By using the cheaper Squarespace ‘business plan’ and adding a third party service designed for selling digital content such as Sendowl, you can avoid the need to prompt for unnecessary information.

I wrote an article that explains how you can use Sendowl with Squarespace that you may find helpful. Let me know if you need more information. 

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