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Looking for general feedback on a site and help with Text blocks animation bugs

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Site URL: http://gregorylassale.com

Hello all,

First of all, I am looking for general feedback on my website. I built it from scratch myself (with the help of a few plugins and code gleaned here and there) with no prior experience FWIW.


I am looking for help with 2 display bugs:

- Upon loading the homepage, the center text blocks are first displayed up on the rage then "jump" back to center of the page where they're suppose to be, 

- This does not happen all the time, but if you try several times, the block texts of the intro pages (my site is bilingual) https://gregorylassale.com/english and https://gregorylassale.com/french is displayed, fades out and then back in. It's only supposed to be animated to fade in via code injection. 


I would appreciate any help with those issues.



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Thank you for the feedback @ladyniks! Much appreciated.

Your home page is a landing page? Which one? I have had this jump thing happen as well, with a couple of different landing pages, so I might be able to help one I know which one you are using. I see your site is in the Brine Family. 

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I though so. I cured the jump when I was using the Cover cover page by adjusting the padding of the text, line size and other things. I just had to play with it a bit until I moved things down from the top of the page, not much took care of it.  I had two monitors which made it easier to do, but if you don't have that use two browsers or two tabs, one  you should not be logged on to one of them. You want to be a viewer in order to see what effect your changes make. Hope that helps. If you have any trouble fixing this I will take a look at Cover's config and try to give more specific things to try.  I have one site still using it with a video and backup image. I use Montage for my own site now. 

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Thanks for the pointers!


Quick question. the padding can only be changed in the site design section, correct? And if so, doesn't changing the padding there affect the whole site? I checked the cover page config and didm't see a pudding setting there (only font size, weight, character spacing and line height).

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Changes to cover pages do not affect the rest of the site. Cover pages are almost a site in front of a site. Separate template, etc. The cover page text will jump a bit after the first image loads as well. You might be able to adjust that by making the first one a smaller file, makes the load time faster. 

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Thanks for the input. I contacted support, and after being asked to check my browser settings (all was fine there), I was told they would notify their engineering team, which I guess is code word for "probably a template bug", no fix for now. I removed all the images from the cover page and tried only using a solid background to see if the size of the image files was the problem, but the problem keeps happening. Honestly it jumps more than just a bit. It only happens for a split second but doesn't look very professional. 

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