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uploaded new image of product, but shows up as old image on linked pages

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Site URL: http://www.leilanijensen.com/


I uploaded a new main view of a pair of earrings here-

http://www.leilanijensen.com/whats-new/clarity-earrings and the top image looks good, but in other places , such as here-

http://www.leilanijensen.com/whats-new it still shows up as the older, darker version of the image. 

Same with here-


and here



so the place where I can go close up looks good and is the new, lighter and crisper image, but in the other places it is wrong. I see only one way to change the image, which is the upload it but why is that new image not populating over? On the pages where it is a thumbnail it looks way different and not like the same image. Either it is not changing the image,and using the older one, or the color is very different.

What do I do?





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Top Posters In This Topic

If you deleted the original image and the re-uploaded you may have lost your category tag, so your summary/collection/index pages are not updating. Make sure everything is okay. I don't think you need to upload to the other pages, not sure because I can't see for sure what kind of pages or blocks the page is on . 

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Hi Leilani I had this problem too (summary blocks not displaying the product photo I wanted) and reached out to customer support. Here's the answer:

The images displayed at the Product Page, Summary Blocks and Product Blocks are the product thumbnail images (added to the "Options" tab of the product), check out this guide to edit this image: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205845358-Changing-a-product-s-thumbnail-image

When you add a new product, a product thumbnail image is added to the "Options" tab automatically, sourced from the images added to the product at the "Item" tab, however, if you edit the product images, the thumbnail will not update automatically.

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