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Does Squarespace offer client proofing galleries for photographers?


I'm looking at the Flatiron template and am so far impressed with all the functionality.

However, I use client proofing galleries now to give clients login access to view files and select images for editing/purchase. I prefer them not to be visible on the main site to regular traffic.

Is there an app or way to use this kind of functionality in Squarespace?

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I prefer keeping a proofing gallery 'unlinked' rather than password protected. Just share the url with your client and nobody else can navigate to it since it's not linked in your navigation. If you are local to your clients, you can sync that gallery with the Portfolio app and review them together and even email the selections right to your client inside the app.

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  1. Disable right click for your site with this code, use the code injection tool and paste into the header:
    <html><head></head><body oncontextmenu="return false;"></body></html>

  2. Upload your content using Dropbox (it also needs to be added to the connected accounts).
  3. Create an unlinked page (password or not, doesn't matter).
  4. Add a gallery block, use the content uploaded from Dropbox and choose a design, I use grid with a 2px pad, square thumbs and lightbox.
  5. Disable the drag feature by pasting this code into your page settings:
    <body ondragstart="return false;" ondrop="return false;">

At this point you are ready to share with your client, by either sharing the URL with the client or hyperlinking the password protected page from your index.

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I could really use this feature too. The steps above are great but only get you so far, I'd like for a client to be able to interact and like or heart an image.

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Why hasn't Squarespace officially been working on this proofing gallery feature issue yet?

I've been using Pixieset as a temporary workaround but I don't want to spend even more money just to get all the features of Pixieset when I already have a squarespace account.

Even Format.com has an integrated Client Proofing gallery.

Due to these lack of basic necessities, I'm thinking of ending my Squarespace subscription and moving to Format.com.

Squarespace has been dropping the ball with features.

If they made integrated proofing a thing, I'd stay.

But right now, I'm thinking of making the move.

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I'm having so much trouble with this. :(

I created galleries in password protected pages, easy enough. but now do I have to type in the file name of each image? I can't figure a way to have it displayed otherwise, and without it, how will they tell me which one they want? I don't want to type it in for wedding image galleries, for sure!

So I typed in each filename :/Then, I added products through the commerce area, and added the blocks just below the gallery. One product block for each item, Prints, Canvas, etc. Each item can be added to the cart, ideally, and they can select the size, quantity, etc. from menu options I created. I made it mandatory that they enter the filename of the image, and essentially, I have all the info I need and their desired print/product should be added to the cart. SHOULD be. Half of my products are giving me errors when I test it. THIS IS A LOT OF WORK, for it not to work. Also, if i want them to be downloaded, i have to add a product for each image, or all images at once? I gave up and sent them a link to my google drive. shrugs

i'm a pretty smart lady, but i just can't figure a way around this, which makes me sad because i love everything else!

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I agree. I would like to have this feature added as well. Seems like given all the other improvements, it not would be that difficult to add this. Please! Thanks!

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The best third party solution IMO is pixieset because of its ability to hook in custom domains. The only downside is the inability to customise the look and feel but the big upside is

  • clent password
  • guest password
  • download pin
  • simple but beautiful custom mail templates
  • customer tutorial built in on how to access photos
  • ability to set gallery front page as app bookmark on the phone
  • An AWESOME custom LightRoom plugin that links collections directly to the client gallery

my main site palmlightstudios.com - pixieset galleries = galleries.palmlightstudios.com

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I was trying Squarespace for my website..however as a photographer, I need client proofing feature which I could not find on Squarespace. I need my clients to be able t favorite and download images and also buy images. have found an alternative - Pixpa.com is offering all these features. Trying that out now and pretty happy with the way things are shaping up

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