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Want to apply 'Novo' design to my existing site

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Currently running my site on 'Lange' template, but want to switch templates. Really like 'Novo' which is on the 'popular designs' section of templates (screenshot below), and although I can start a new site with this design, I can't install it as a new template to my existing site.

From the looks of 'Novo' it could be the 'Jasper' template, but there are design elements/layouts missing and I'm not skilled enough and don't have the time to format 'Jasper' to look like the 'Novo' design.

Any help with this would be so appreciated. I don't mind starting my site over from scratch/don't need projects etc to be translated over — just want to keep the domain name running — just want to install Novo really and edit it from there.

Thanks so much to anyone who can help, and sorry if this type of thing has been asked 1,000+ times before.


Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 11.21.15 AM.png

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Lange is a Squarespace 7.0 template from the York-family, but Novo is built using Squarespace 7.1.

Squarespace 7.1 is a newer version of the platform, with more streamlined options for styling. There isn't currently a way to 'upgrade' or 'migrate' to this version, so you'll want to start a new trial using the same account. When you've built your site using the new template/platform, you can swap the domain name over.

You'll find more information about this here:

About Squarespace version 7.1


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