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SEO Expert AMA: Matt Callahan

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Hey everyone! This month, we are excited to have Matt Callahan, founder and CEO of Delphi and Squarespace Expert in the Marketplace, answer your biggest questions about SEO. Delphi is a strategic marketing and design agency headquartered in NYC. They offer a full suite of design and marketing services, while specializing in Squarespace website development and SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of making your site better for search engines, so that when people search for products or information that you offer, your website is more likely to appear in their search results. Optimizing your site for SEO could mean more site traffic, and potentially increased revenue. 

There are a lot of SEO tactics and tools, and the best practices are constantly changing, which is why Matt is here to answer any questions people in the Squarespace community have about optimizing their site’s SEO. 

Please reply to this topic with any questions you have by Monday April 6th, 8pm EDT! If you see any questions you want to see answered, simply like the question. Matt will answer the top 10 most liked questions.


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Hi JGutierrez, Matt, I want to know how to add Schema Markups in SquareSpace to get featured on the SERP sections?

What's your best advice for keyword research without investing in one of the expensive tools?

What prompted you to build your new site on Webflow versus Squarespace? And what differences in search performance have you seen as compared to your older site?

I followed an email link here minutes before it began, and logged in, but I could find no way to join the discussion. I wandered all over the forum and Matt's pages. No dice. Couldn't figure it out.

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Hi Matt

I use SEMRUSH (https://www.semrush.com/) to co-ordinate SEO activity for a number of Squarespace sites I maintain.

When I run the SEMRUSH site audit tool, I notice the same warning coming up regarding Squarespace using uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files.

Do you think this is a "real" issue and if so.....is it something I can fix?






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What's your best advice for keyword research without investing in one of the expensive tools?

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What's the best way to optimize images? Keeping file sizes down and adding descriptive text with keywords to the captions? I've read that we should use caption text as image alt text but what about for templates that display image captions but you don't want it displayed so leave it blank? 

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Is SEO dead with the continued move to mobile and establishment of Amazon as a primary  search engine and Facebook etc. as primary platforms on the web ? What types of searches; informational, comparison, transactional, and so on, should we be optimizing our site for - what part of the searchers journey should we target to optimize our investment in SEO ? Can you share your definition of SEO and your model for its Return on Investment and compare this to an investment in paid search? Perhaps, you can touch on site design for SEO and Paid Search - how should we consider landing pages? Do you conduct a Site SEO Audit for clients, how do you approach new clients, what information do you look at in Squarespace and what tools do you recommend?

- Sorry, several questions there. Thank you! - John

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