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Site URL: https://notablevoices.co.uk/

Hi folks. I'm trying to create a one page scroller site, with header buttons along the top ( e.g. about, gallery, video) that take user to corresponding content but down on the same page. I cannot find any themes with it in the new offerings on Square Space. I have found 'Pacific' but this seems to be old and not as clean. Can you please advise how I do this or send a link to information? I have enclosed an example of a site which follows exactly what i'm hoping to create. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!

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Posted (edited)

The 7.1 Template family is pretty much a one button scroll modeled after the 7.0 Brine Family which includes Pacific. I happen to like Brine. You can put every page in the main index of Brine and it scrolls, using parallax scrolling if you want. Brine will allow code for jump buttons which scrolls down the page as well. There are a lot of design templates in the Brine family. I am sure others here would agree, however you can accomplish a lot with either 7.0 or 7.1 

Here is one of mine:


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