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Justify text in mobile view? York template


Site URL: http://www.dominikblasko.com


I use York template.

my website is http://www.dominikblasko.com

My main Q: is there code to justify text in my blog posts for MOBILE view?

I found somewhere this code

body p,
 .sqs-layout .sqs-block.html-block p,
 .sqs-layout .sqs-block.markdown-block p
   text-align: justify;

I put it in my Custom CSS and it does 2 things.

1. it justifies the text in my ABOUT section [text is part of image block card] for all web browsers, also mobile view.

2. in the blog (on my website blog is called ARTICLES), it justifies the text in the text block [text format = normal], but only in chrome browser and only in desktop view, in mobile view not even in chrome. 

This is better than nothing, but what I am after is having my blog text justified in mobile view at least in the chrome browser. Is there any code for that?

I would appreciate any help. 




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Add to Home > design > Custom CSS

@media screen and (max-width:640px) {
  .collection-type-blog.view-item {
      p, .sqs-layout .sqs-block.html-block p, .sqs-layout .sqs-block.markdown-block p {
     	 text-align: justify;


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