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Color-coding blog posts.


Site URL: https://www.greenvibe.world/

Hi, I am designing a website in which I would like to color code the titles of blog posts. For example: a certain category of posts will be colored green, and another category will be colored red, and so on.. I am not able to do a simple markdown within the title of the post. Is what I want to accomplish possible? If so, would anyone be able to help me figure out this problem?

Thank you in advanced,


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You will need a css color code for every post you want to change.  You may be able to put it in a markdown or code block of the post itself never tried it but it won't hurt to experiment. The first part changes title color, the second part changes link color to the post. You can't put this in custom css unless you include the item number of each post. 

.post-inner-content .entry-title a {
    color: #fff;

body.single .post-inner-content a {
    color: #000;

choose or make a color here, copy and paste the #number 


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