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Minimize images to exact size?

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I'm trying to add smaller Adobe Stock style icon images to a block so I can I can add wording underneath. However when I try to resize the images (icons) that are side-by-side it basically scales the next image right beside it to a larger size like they're linked, how can I size these icons exactly how I want without it linked to the next image beside it? 

I've attached a example of exactly how I would like to block to look.  Thanks  


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There are some tricks I use, like poster with no words, move spacers around the images to shrink them. Cropping the picture doesn't always work, the site just enlarges them to fit the space so make the space smaller. If its an index page adjust the number of columns and or the column width in design, site styles. Not knowing which template you are using not all my suggestions may work for you. 

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Thanks for the reply. I attempted the poster trick and I could see how it could work, however there is no way I can get the text to show underneath as shown above, even if I create a separate text block. Moreover the images have to be the same dimensions before upload. A PITA.  

There has to be a more seamless and logical way to do this. . . 

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Just want to say, you can use Markdown Block to create layout like as your screenshot.

You can send your question to my email to get faster answer. / How to Setup Password & Share URL 

-- I'm Tuan, work for a non-profit project (build free libraries). I check the forum once or twice a day to help out the community. If you don't see me answering your question, you can send it to the email above. 

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Thank you, I am assuming with the Markdown Block you need coding involved to accomplish what I am seeking for? It would be nice to have a non-code template block for this feature. Any further advice would be appreciated. 


Best regards, 

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