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Xero Integration

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Hey did anyone else get word that Squarespace was straight up shutting down their Xero integration and turning it off? My accountant just notified me today that it's gone. It was there last week. Support is telling me they emailed everyone on December 11th and February 5th, but the Feb 5th email is stuff about Scheduling and I see no direct email on December 11th.

I've got notifications about Winona Ryder for some reason, but nothing telling me business critical functionality is being discontinued.

Is anyone else dealing with this? Am I just alone here?



Hey guys, James Moore with Ideal Calibrations here. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

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No!  I just discovered this today when I went in to Xero to do my reconciling.  Saw that I had no new transactions and then went over to Squarespace to see they no longer have the option.

But they do let you know there is now a paid way to get the same thing done... with Open Saas.

I am beyond livid.  It's absolutely absurd they would just take the functionality away.

They claimed to me that an email was sent out but I never received it.

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Just realizing this as well. Squarespace takes no responsibility. They claim nothing should have changed with our Xero integration yet it has. Then they say it's a third party extension so support is outside their scope. It's completely f*cked up and shoddy service. No announcement? Come on.

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