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Page name when sharing links on social media

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Site URL: https://www.hoth.is/


A quick question - my website has the name "contact" in a few places (like on the dashboard, see attached). I have experienced that when I paste a link to the frontpage/ home (just what I call it) - it displays the title "contact" ... especially on social media. Not sure where I can correct this because as I see it in my site navigation/ setup the names are "frontpage", "contact" etc and I have not set the frontpage to have the name/title "contact". It's just weird to me but have no idea where to change this. Is this also in SEO settings?


Thank you in advance.



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Posted (edited)

Its not in SEO, and its not what i get if I paste it. I get a big High There,  Hoth Reyjkavik and a description, no contact. Social media imports from settings on the actual home page, both picture and description. Pushing out may do something different, and FB doesn't like that option any longer. So I manually past content, blog post, gallery, home page, whatever. 

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