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Doing speed tests to my website I've observed that it takes so many time to load fonts that I don't actually use. 

I tired to remove them manually but I don't manage to do so. Another way is to use this tool https://cheers-studios.com/squarespace-font-optimizer but I can't use it since just circle members have access to the json style pack file.

Anyone knows another way I can change all the used fonts on my website for just one?

Thanks in advance,

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HI sequoiac, thanks for your answer, but I don't manage to do so...

In fact, that's the first thing I tried, I went to style settings and I changed all the fonts to the same one but my website was still loading some other fonts.

Then I created new blocks and pages that I wasn't using in my original website (for exemple a gallery section) so then I could go to styles and change the fonts from these blocks that by default were using different fonts (and consequently my website was loading them even if they didn't appear directly in any page).

The thing is that probably I'm missing some blocks that still have the default fonts selected so when my webpage is loaded it loads all the fonts that "could" be used in my website (the one I actually use + all the default fonts that I didn't manage to change).

So I don't know how I could change ALL my fonts so my webstie just have to load the ACTUAL fonts used.

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