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Site URL: https://accs.ie


My client wishes to embed storyline 360 e-learning content on their Squarespace website we have built for them. I understand from the storyline documentation that the course file (html) needs to be hosted (instructions from storyline below)

  1. Add this line of code to the web page where you want your course to appear, then modify it as described in the following steps:
    <iframe src="http://MyServer.com/MyCourse/story.html" width="980" height="658"></iframe>
  2. Change the URL in the code above to point to the story.html file in your published output on your web server.

Does anyone know how/if we can host the courses (html) on Squarespace itself? I suppose alternatively, I could probably host it on another server and include the above code line on the page where I want it to appear with the host URL.

Many thanks 


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