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My landing page won't resize images on mobile. -Carson Template-

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Site URL: https://www.jeremiahwilderness.com

Hi guys, 


My index page which I use as a homepage for my photography portfolio will not resize correctly on (most) mobile devices. I have linked screenshots to what it should look like (filename: pixel homepage right.png) and what it does look like (pixel homepage wrong.png) I have also included a screenshot of Chrome's devtools set to mobile. 

When it loads incorrectly, you need to scroll on the page or reload the page entirely for it to realize that it needs to resize. 


I have tried a lot of different things; I have resized the image by changing the aspect ratio, resolution, compression, to no avail. The mobile view on my SS editor looks fine but the DevTools (when switched to mobile and refreshing the page) doesn't.


I can't figure this out. Any ideas???


I have submitted a ticket to SS help and haven't heard a response yet. I'm hoping someone has had this issue and found a resolution.



pixel homepage right.png

pixel homepage wrong.png



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changed the devtools screenshot
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Thanks for looking at it tuanphan.


Squarespace was able to replicate the error and are unable to fix it so they upgraded it even further. They said it's a bug with all of the Tremont family templates not working on some mobile devices.


I will update when/if this gets fixed.

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