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Slideshow...constantly changing images

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I am trying to add background images to my homepage which constantly change over time. It doesn't have to be random, just a slideshow of full screen images, without buttons prompting you to move to the next image. I don't need transitions. So if you don't click anything, they will continue to change from image to image in a loop.

I've tried to follow the tutorials on gallery block > slideshow but when I try to add a block, 'gallery' is not there as an option. So the tutorial is impossible to follow.

I've almost finished my trial: for me, being able to do this is crucial, I don't really want to have to make any specific code to make this work, I just need the personal package, which looks great, but only if it's possible to have constantly changing images on my home page background.


Any ideas?




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Sorry forgot to add... the template I am using is Zion. 

So basically I'd love to have Zion, but instead of rollover images when you hover over the buttons there would be a sequence of a few images constantly changing in the background.

Or perhaps there is a template that already does this?



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The easiest way is to use a cover/landing page as your home page to accomplish this, its full screen, and you put a few links or nav on that page and the images change in a loop.. The page you want is named Cover. You will find them in setup- add page- Cover page. 


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Its automatic, the cover pages are preset to work a certain way, When you choose the Cover cover page, you upload your images and they automatically change, to be precise they fade from one to the other. You choose your buttons or Nav links, style and Logo, if you have one, or title and heading. I used the Cover cover page for a couple of years and them switched to Montage. All the cover home pages are one pre-built page, templates in other words. It is a great feature, some use them as one page websites. My homepage is the Montage cover home page.  I added the images, and tweaked a few things to my liking. I add anew picture every now and then, change the random order, add animation. Its a terrific Squarespace feature. I assume it works with 7.1 as well as 7.0

By the way when using Setup-design-site styles you can control how often your images rotate, whether it is random, lots of other things. Good luck with it! If you need some help you know where to find me. 





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Thanks. Unfortunately cover page is not available for me. I click the plus sign on the pages section (next to main navigation) and the options i get are : Blank page, Page Layouts, Blog, Store,Portfolio, Events, Folder, Link. No cover page option.

I feel like I am using a different software to everyone else!

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I have just seen that cover pages have been removed in version 7.1! 

I'm thinking squarespace is probably not for me. The tutorial videos all refer to version 7.0 and the new sites are all 7.1.  It's all over the place! Why give a tutorial for a feature that is no longer available?!

The features I want- slideshow and/or coverpage seem to have been removed in version 7.1

From what i can see version 7.0 has less features and is designed to make you pay for the business plan. Which means I would be paying an extra £70 annually just to get what everyone else got for free previously?

Or perhaps I got this wrong? Can anyone from squarespace help?

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Well actually 7.0 is more design friendly than 7.1 for those who want to have more control. I have been a  Squarespace user for five years, with multiple sites and would not change to anyone else but I am not using 7.1 not yet. Its just one template family inspired by the 7.0 Brine family which has many templates in it. So here is what I suggest, if you want the 7.1 look then use the 7.0 brine template or any in that family and you will also be able to use a cover page. Simpe solution, and I am more than willing to help you out. There are plenty of tutorials for 7.0 as well, with videos describing the use of each template. 


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7.1 is designed to be for an easily build it, mobile driven style website, attractive to wordpress folks.  Keep it simple, keep it clean, pick slightly different layouts and color schemes, don't like the one you picked, switch to a different 7.1 "template" easily. I understand the concept, but I think that after looking at both 7.0 and 7.1 from a design standpoint  they are for two very different groups of builders. Glad you are sticking with us, you will not be sorry you did!

I don't see 7.0 going away anytime soon, not until 8.0 shows up. That is quite a ways off I would think.

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We add-ons you can install in your site to set up galleries as slideshows like you are looking for. Here is an option to add in a gallery content block that is currently missing in the 7.1 release: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow we also have an option for creating a full header slideshow with content overlaid onto as well: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/gallery-slider

If you are looking for a way to add Anchor Links, Gallery Blocks, or a Rotating Banner with Content Blocks overlaid in Squarespace 7.1, you can find all these plugins in our Squarespace add-on store here: www.Squareaddons.com -- Enjoy! 

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