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Hey guys!

I have a product listing (almost 1500 items) that was edited on Google Sheets and now when I import the CSV from this listing the paragraph formatting doesn't appear in Squarespace, I didn't want to have to edit item by item in Squarespace. I only have this problem in CSV, if there is any way to convert the text to the Squarespace format and re-insert it in Google Sheets so that exporting a new CSV was ideal. Would anyone know how to tell me how to export a CSV with the training I used in Google Sheets without having to edit item by item? 😞


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On 3/21/2020 at 2:55 AM, tilegore said:

When I import the CSV from this listing the paragraph formatting doesn't appear in Squarespace

Unfortunately there isn't a magic bullet for this. If you add [plain text] line breaks in a CSV they are simply ignored. Each product description will need to be edited manually. You can do this in the CSV file before import or in the Squarespace editor after import.

To edit the description within the CSV so that it appears on separate lines, you can add HTML to the description field. For example:

<p>Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm</p>
<p>Color: Black</p>
<p>Weight: 450g</p>


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