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How do you change the template family?

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Hi there - 

I'm setting up a new site and I chose a template to play around with, and then decided that I wanted to switch to a different one (Harman). 

It doesn't seem like there's a way to do this. Squarespace help says "you don't need to change anything, you can just customize."

But the Harman template is completely different than the one I started with. Which looks like it means I'd have to change EVERYTHING to make it match Harman (and guess at what to change along the way).

Am I missing something?


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It looks like Harman belong Squarespace 7.1

"In version 7.1, all sites share the same template family, with the same features and style options, so there's no need to switch templates. The design you select when you create your 7.1 site is a starting point. You can always switch to a different look or add different page types without starting over"


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Posted (edited)

If your site is 7.0 it is not easy to move to a different template family. You can change templates and the new one is not active until you are ready, but it may require almost a rebuild. Some folks just start a new trial build the site all the way, activate it with the same billing and account info then move the domain, cancel the old site. 

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