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Need Pick Up In Store Only Option - Carona Virus Restaurant Restrictions

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Site URL: https://masondixonbakery.com

I need the ability to make a set of items as in store pickup only. We have limited items that can ship and we need to offer our bistro menu items before we face similar restrictions to NYC. Please make this an option in the commerce function to limit single items shipping options to “In store pickup up only”. This will seriously hurt our business without this option. 

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I'm with you mackenziedesign. The "New Normal" for many e-commerce sites (including the one I just built for my local farmers, who are offering pre-ordering of produce for no-touch local pick-up) is ALL about pick ups. It has virtually nothing to do with shipping.

The fact is, the way the Squarespace shopping cart has been configured up to now, we are stuck having to find ways to hide notes here and there on our sites, explaining why, when you get to the cart, you have to enter an address in a section called "Shipping" before you can complete your order for "Pick-up." The little trick for adding free pick up as a "Flat Rate" option via the Shipping settings is great, but when it's surrounded by a UX that implies all products must be shipping, people get spooked by all the follow up windows that include language alluding to where your order is going to "ship," and end up abandoning their carts or just skipping the online purchase and calling their order in.

Whaddaya say Squarespace? Anything in the works for adding an alternate default cart structure/behavior that specifies a Pick Up scenario instead of a Shipping scenario?

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I have an online florist site with retail store also. All of our items can be delivered, but since covid-19, more and more customers would like to click and collect from our retail store. So all of our products need to have the ability to 'ship' or 'click and collect'. At present, we have had to add a shipping option of click and collect and charge the same 'delivery' fee as our cheapest option ($14), as SS auto defaults to the cheapest delivery option. We then have to refund the $14 fee on each click and collect order - it's so messy. If we select a zero $ fee, then EVERY customer takes this pre-selected option for delivery anywhere and then says well your site preselected that option - so even removal of preselected cheapest shipping otion would be better than the current process. We would LOVE the ability to drop in click and collect option separate to the shipping option on ALL items in our e commerce store.  Stay safe, Grant

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Just circling back on this topic to note that Shopify just released a feature this week that adds an option for configuring a tab in your store's cart so that shoppers can select Pick Up or Shipping, and finish their purchase with an experience tailored to their choice:


Does anyone know if there is a more formal way to request this sort of update to the platform than simply posting in this forum and hoping someone notices? Or a way to sign up to be notified if/when it is released? Because I will definitely be the first to adopt!! Also glad to be on the beta test team!

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At this point, regardless of the covid situation, an easy in-store pickup option should be standard. But, like the Squarespace commerce platform in general, it's a sh%#show to get it to work. Customers are SO confused by the process. And my clients are also confused by why they can't do seemingly simple things on their website. 

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This probably won't work for everyone, but it seems to be working for our shop so far.

  1. Change all products to services. This allows users to checkout without providing shipping information.
  2. Add a pickup/delivery option to each service. This allows us to charge a per-item delivery fee.
  3. Add optional delivery fields to each form. This allows users to specify delivery information when adding an item to their cart.
  4. Add JS code to strip delivery-specific fields from forms for pickup orders (Settings > Advanced > Code Injection > FOOTER). Note that your users won't be able to add items to their cart if you remove any required fields from the form. Our code is provided below for reference in case anyone wanted to take a stab at it themselves.

See it in action here: www.sungroveblossoms.com

It'd be fantastic if they added a special option for pickup orders so that users could checkout without having to fill out shipping information.

  function createPickupDataForm(deliveryDataForm)
    pickupDataFormObj = JSON.parse(deliveryDataForm);
    // remove recipient phone/address fields from the data form
    // - fields removed from our data form must not be required
    pickupDataFormObj.fields = pickupDataFormObj.fields.filter(function(field) {
      fieldObj = JSON.parse(field);
      fieldTitle = fieldObj.title.toUpperCase();
      return !(fieldTitle.includes("RECIPIENT PHONE"))
          && !(fieldTitle.includes("RECIPIENT ADDRESS"));
    return JSON.stringify(pickupDataFormObj);
  const orderTypeSelect =
      document.querySelector("select[data-variant-option-name='Order Type']");
  const addToCartButton =
  // don't do anything unless we have an "order type" selector and "add to cart" button
  if ((orderTypeSelect != null) && (addToCartButton != null)) {
    // the default data form is assumed to be configured for deliveries
    const deliveryDataForm = addToCartButton.getAttribute("data-form");
    // the pickup data form is created from the default data form
    const pickupDataForm = createPickupDataForm(deliveryDataForm);
    // add an event handler to set the data form whenever the user changes the order type
    orderTypeSelect.addEventListener('change', (event) => {
      if (orderTypeSelect.value.toUpperCase().includes("PICKUP")) {
        addToCartButton.setAttribute("data-form", pickupDataForm);
      } else {
        // any option without the word "pickup" is assumed to be a delivery
        addToCartButton.setAttribute("data-form", deliveryDataForm);


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@binch you solution is good but for me, I don't want to multiply the delivery fee per item. 
I sell meal to pick up or deliver and have a flat fee for delivery. 

I feel at this point Squarespace really needs to address this issue. 

I currently use square but their system is also not ideal since you cannot specify a deliver/pickup date an time 

surprised these platforms haven't figured this out yet.

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