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Confussssed on this SEO note

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Site URL: https://www.travelsandtreasures.com

I used Ubbersuggest to clean up any SEO errors and I have this message:  71 PAGES WITH DUPLICATE <TITLE> TAGS (see attached screenshot)

My quandry is that I don't have 71 pages of content on the site.  What is causing the duplicity?  Should I ignore it or does anyone have a recommendation on how to address it?  Many thanks!


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At a quick glance Ubbersuggest is perhaps counting all your div and h2 classes with the word 'title' in them as duplicate <Title> tags. I get a count of 70 tags if I 'view page source' and search the word 'title' on you home page. You've an issue in that your burger menu is partially behaving like a Search Engine? I'm not sure how you set this up. Am I correct in saying that your first three categories return sub-sets of your home page, each with a different url fo the home page and also a different url from a straight click-though? Unsure, if this is the root cause, but it can't be helping your SEO - it's almost behaving like double categorization in retail. You may want to redesign how your links behave. - on the positive side, I lived in Kensington, London a lifetime ago and knew the Churchill Arms well - I can't believe they're serving Thai though. Excellent selection of London Pubs on your site. 


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Hi, yes you are correct.  I am using the Skype template and didn't make any navigational or code changes.  If someone clicks Diary from the main menu, it will display all posts in that category.   There is also a menu of categories in the page footer.  

Perhaps I was naive in thinking a Squarespace template would not be designed in a way that hurts SEO.  I like the functionality, but I will have to find a way to fix that.  I appreciate your insight.  

And yes, LOVE London!  I went on my honeymoon (many yrs ago),  visited last year, and I'm going again next year with my cousin 🙂  And it's true, Churchill Arms does serve Thai...shocking, I know.   

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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