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Is there a way to not collect payment?

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So I have a customer that wants to sell products online and receive orders, but is not interested in accepting payments (I could not do it if I wanted to, Stripe and Square are not available in my country). She delivers products herself and charges on delivery. 

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

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Posted (edited)

If you are comfortable copying/pasting code and modifying a few things here and there, I recommend SF Digital's Wishlist extension (https://sf.digital/squarespace-product-wishlist). It basically replaces the standard checkout process with a custom form. Shoppers get a familiar shopping experience and submit an order to your inbox, but no payment is accepted. We have to verify remaining inventory (baked goods) prior to collecting payment info over the phone - so this was a good match for our needs. Many elements are customizable too, which is great. The developer provides clear instructions and is a frequent contributor to this forum. I also purchased his Date Picker extension (https://sf.digital/squarespace-date-picker) and implemented his "How to Hide Seconds on Squarespace Forms" instructions (https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/hide-seconds-on-squarespace-form) to improve our customer experience even more. You can see it all in action here (https://www.anjoubakery.com/), although I may be switching to something more robust to handle the added details associated with local deliveries.

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explained our full process

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