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Hi Friends, 

Looking for help and recommendations from fellow store owners, who sell both online and through a brick and mortar shop. I have a small business located in Boston, where we utilize square POS for our inventory and payments. We are interested in utilizing Squarespace e-commerce, but would like to integrate the two platforms in order to have one master inventory list. 

As Squarespace and square are not compatible, we will need a third party inventory management system to merge the two platforms. We essentially want to ensure that if a customer purchases an item in our store, that the inventory count automatically reflects the count in Squarespace. 

Are there any business owners who can recommend a third party software system, or method they have used to create a seamless and efficient merger of online and in person sales?

The last thing we want to do is have to manually adjust our online inventory every evening to match our in store inventory. 


Thanks in advance! 

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@devinenaturals Check out Trunk which can sync stock levels in real-time between Square and Squarespace. You'll just need to make sure the SKUs match so that it knows what to sync.

You can see the customer testimonials here: https://trunkinventory.com/customers

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