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Site URL: https://www.vitahealthcoach.com/contact

Does anyone know how to track Squarespace forms in Google Analytics? I have tried following this method that I found on the following article: https://hammajack.com.au/get-digital/a-super-simple-way-to-track-squarespace-forms-in-google-analytics

So I have pasted the snippet of code into the 'Advanced' settings of the form editor. I can see the code on the contact page when I load it up in an incognito window. However when I complete a form no event triggers or shows up in my Google Analytics account.

Has anyone else tried this method? Or may have a better way to track form completions in Google Analytics?

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't tried that method...I'll have to look into that a bit more. I use Google Tag Manager to log all sorts of events in Google Analytics. I typically use it to track page views, form completions, page scrolling, individual link clicks, etc. Its a bit of work to set-up but once you do, the possibilities are endless.

This YouTube channel has a lot of good helpful info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmNPJw-YLuQ

If you do use GTM to track your regular page views in GA, be sure to remove the GA code you entered into the SQSP admin or else it will fire twice and double-up your data.

Hope that helps!

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