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convert blog posts to pages? wordpress import to squarespace

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I just imported a wordpress site into my squarespace and it imported all of my wordpress blog posts as squarespace blog posts- I would like to convert the blog posts to squarespace pages
Is there a way to
A. convert squarespace blog posts to squarespace pages
B. import wordpress blog posts as squarespace pages?
Any tips or suggestions would be infinitely appreciated thank you!!
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B. Copy and paste WP blog content to an already created squarespace page is the only way I know of, you can't do a direct import and convert.  I think this is the only way for A as well. However this may work, and I emphasize the word may allow you to move a blog post to its own page:

  1. Press and hold Shift and click the item you want to move. Continue holding Shift to select multiple posts.
  2. After selecting the posts you'd like to move, click Move. ...
  3. In the Select Destination Collection window, select the destination page, and click Move Items.
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