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Easier way for clients to book multiple appointments?

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Currently the only way for clients to add multiple appointments is to choose "add a time" from a drop down menu they see after selecting a day and time.

So far I have asked 3 people to perform this task as a test with the only instructions being "Use this page to schedule 3 future appointments"

each one of them have failed to notice/use the "add a time" option and none of them could figure out how to add more dates without first entering credit card information and then starting the whole process over again.

These people are not stupid. 

Can there please be a more obvious "continue booking" option PRIOR to them having to enter credit card information? OR have appointments placed in a shopping cart type function that they checkout from all at once?

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You can rename the labels used on this page; I've changed the text to things like "Finish and Pay" "Book this and another", "Book a recurring session", etc. with some success. The issue I had was that when the users clicked "add this and another" they then didn't realise they could click the calendar again. I changed the "Continue" button to "Finish and Pay" to make it really clear and added instructions in a text box above the calendar; not very elegant but better.

I suspect that some custom development to add a pop-up which asks "do you want to book another? Click the calendar again!" or similar...hopefully this might help.


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