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Conversion feedback - Are you motivated to to move through the sales funnel?


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Site URL: https://www.apexgearco.com

I am seeking site feedback for my site, apexgearco.com. We have a conversion problem from social media to checkout. Namely, what we're doing online delivers people to the site, yet we're not seeing the sales. 

Why are people leaving? What is your experience when you land? Are you compelled to move through the sales funnel? Are you motivated to buy? If not, why not?

Any insight and feedback is appreciated!

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Top Posters In This Topic

My suggestion is that you need to show what your product is right from the moment I hit the home page of your site. You need to spell it out or post an image. My daughter is a runner/ half marathoner. She doesn't like the picture on the main page. She doesn't relate to a guy in the air wearing a backpack.  Show happy runners, racers, both male and female on your main home page, with smiles on their faces while pounding the pavement. The choose your sport is a bit confusing, needs a button or down arrow instead of a semi colon. Make it easier to know that there is more content to scroll down to see. Images need to very sharp and bright. Keep it simple, less biographies and stories, people don't care about a lot of words especially technical ones. Not at first hit. Let me boil it down, if you have  good product that you yourself love, remember why that is. Sell the sizzle not the steak.  

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I am looking for ways to start selling from my website using a sales funnel. I looked at your Facebook page and clicked the link that takes me to your store.  Things look great to me. Not sure why people aren't converting to sales

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