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Hi - I have recently made a website. There a few tabs at the top of the page, e.g. for About Me, Some info that won't change. One of the tabs is for a blog or for articles which I will be adding to regularily. I'm using the 'blog' new page layout. For this though the articles just run one after the other in chornological order. What I want is on this page for there to be an image of the article and the title. So whenever I write a new article then it comes up on the blog page as a picture with the title of article and you click through to the actual article. That way you can quickly skim through all the articles and just click on the ones that interest you. Rather than having to scroll through the whole article in date order. On the home page I have done a "features" link which shows exactly how I want it to look on the blog page. But I don't know how to do this on the blog page. If I make the blog page a normal page so that the articles show with an image/title then I still need an extra tab for the articles in blog format. Not sure if I'm making sense.... thanks!

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Thanks. Site is www.annekehudson.com   On the home page you will see at the bottom of home page Featured with a picture and title of the article which is under the "Blog". I want the "blog" page to have a picture and title of each article... not the whole article displayed. There is only one article under blog tab at the moment, but more are to come. Thanks.

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