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Affiliate links in personal site question

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Hello, I've started playing around with Squarespace and I have a few questions. I'll mostly be writing as a way to clarify thoughts on topics, but once in a while there may be a product that I genuinely use and like.

1 - I'm wondering if it's allowed to put affiliate links in personal site blogs?

2 - Do the links look messy, or is there flexibility in the ways they can be displayed in a blog post?  

3 - Is this easy to do natively with Squarespace (personal / business?), or does this require  3rd party coding? Wondering what's a good option?


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1. Yes You can

You can read detail here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206545597-Can-I-place-advertisements-on-my-site-

2. How do you plan to insert the affiliate link?

3. Edit blog, and insert link =))) 

You can send your question to my email to get faster answer. I provide free priority support in this crazy time. 

How to Setup Password & Share URL - Free Templates - Free Code - CSS ID List

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Regarding that second question, what I was planning to do is just turn certain text into an affiliate link, is that possible? I could also live with being able to put a shortened URL next to where a book or whatever is mentioned. Will look into the pages you linked now 🙂

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Posted (edited)

Hi @Heytherethanks, best practice is to make affiliate links nofollow links.  In Squarespace that means using a Markdown block which is available on the Personal plan. Here's an example of what you'd put in a Markdown block for an affiliate link:

<a href="http://affiliatelinkhere.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">your link in text</a>

You can use rel="nofollow" to let search engines know that your link shouldn't count in ranking the linked page. And target="_blank" opens the link in a new window, which is best practice for linking to sites outside your own.

The code is too long for the window above, but if you click inside the code block and select all you can paste it into a text editor to see the whole thing.

Edited by christyprice

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Hi Christy, 

Thanks for that, very helpfull. I was just looking for that information for a new website that I want to get live shortly (haven't started yet) about how 'we' are gonna get back to work in the office environment and keeping social distancing in place. This will be a new website in the UK where people can share practical solutions for the 'six feet office' environment, so it will get a lot of external links.

I will do a little test now to see how it works!


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To follow up on this question, I have a blog post that shows the 5 steps you should take when adding affiliate links to your Squarespace website:


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