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V1 Templates with attributes that support those for a SquareSpace Personal Plan

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Site URL: http://www.focusedimpactllc.com


I must convert my landing page to a web site today so I need to know which SquareSpace V1 template(s) to choose whose attributes align with those of a SquareSpace "Personal Plan" ? 

At first glance on the V1 templates page, most of what I saw would be more applicable to a Business plan, better yet a full Commercial site. I am trying to start up a small site for an LLC Consultancy and I only need a few web page attributes that would support those of a Personal type plan. I already get domain email, schedule, and other things through the Google G suite account I created as part of the domain purchase process.

Also, as it stands now, I don't seem to have chosen a "Plan" yet but I assume that when I convert the landing page over to a web site, I will be choosing the plan type as part of that process. Is this correct?

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You mean version 7.0 as opposed to 7.1? Either version has specific business plan options which include commerce, advanced coding, and unlimited pages. You can choose the personal plan, with monthly or annual payment (25 percent discount if 12 months paid up front) and any template can be either. So, it seems to me that you should choose a template that meets the needs of your site and just get the personal plan. A very popular template that makes a good looking professional services site, is the Brine Template a 7.0 template. You can convert to a business plan at any point or vice versa. Squarespace is very flexible in that regard. 

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Thanks Derrick,


I'll take a look at Brine.

I'm looking for a template that has a landing page where I can describe what my business is about, an "About" menu item where I can describe myself, a "Certifications" menu item where I can list my Certifications and finally a "Contact Me" menu item where a customer can get a hold of me. I'm sure that over time I'll need to get more sophisticated and add other items but not initially.

I have looked at several Templates from the Templates page and have been intrigued by "CORRIGAN", "BERGEN", "PULASKI" and even "Utica", so if you could let me know which ones to stay away from, please give me a critique on my choice list, please let me know.

Again, thanks for the help! 🙂

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A landing page is available with all templates, as far as I know. The main difference as I see it between 7.1 and 7.0 is that 7.0 had templates and template familes that are very different from each other, had different options and style pattern. For example, all templates in the Brine family look very different than Avenue. If you wanted a super-scrolling page in Avenue that took quite a bit of work to make, whereas Brine's index page easily provided that.  7.1 is all one family of templates so it is much easier to put a feature in your site that is not there by default but is there on another 7.1 template, in other words you can  make simple changes or dramatically change a 7.1 site without having to change templates. There are some things that the two versions do not share, such as parallax scrolling which I happen to like for now. 7.1 is the next gen and  I expect will expand, where 7.0 as good as it is will remain as it is until it is discontinued. I am far more fimiliar with 7.0 than 7.1 but plan to do something about that soon, maybe rebuild a couple of my sites. I happen to like the Talva template, reminds me a bit of Avenue or Wexley. Maybe this will help you, its a walkthru of 7.1 templates.  


https://www.myrandomviews.com/ is my personal site built on Avenue and is four years old. I have done some rather substantial changes to it, new landing page, blog index page as opposed to scrolling blog with sidebar,  and some other things, grid changes to gallery page and so forth. i have used quite a bit of CSS coding to give it the look I want. 


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