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7.1 gallery scroll bar

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Site URL: https://caper-cinnamon-7xmy.squarespace.com/history-of-the-fair?p

OK so on all our sites in 7.1 I'm unable to use the scroll bar - even though I have many photos in a gallery. There is a scroll bar but it doesn't work, and I am unable to arrow down. Anyhow know why this is?  Is the scrollbar just decorative, and there's really a limit to the number of images? This doesn't make sense though - It's letting me add images, it's just not letting me scroll down. click. and name them.

password: farmers

In the attached screenshot - you can see the limit to the number of images I'm able to click on. That scroll bar on the right does not work.

This is in ALL browsers and on BOTH laptop and iMac

Thank you in advance for your advice

Jude Goodwin



Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 8.35.42 AM.png

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Hi everyone, Thank you for flagging this issue. We’ve noted this for our Design and Engineering teams to review, and they’ll use this feedback when implementing fixes and improvements in future rel

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I've had this problem too, the only workaround I could figure out was to click on a visible image and drag it down, which then scrolled through the images and forced the window to scroll. This barely worked for me so in the end I had to delete all my images and reupload all images again in the proper order. Now I can use the window to the right (with the arrows on each side) to scroll through all my images and add links. Hope this helps until Squarespace fixes this 7.1 issue!

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