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Issue with Ecwid product not loading from Squarespace embedded block


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Site URL: https://www.bluemountaincreativemedia.com

Hello, I'm brand new to building websites and Squarespace has been a great learning experience.  I've finally got my site up and running and I couldn't be happier.

This past weekend, I spent a LOT of time getting my Ecwid shop set up and embedded into my SS site.  Everything seems to be working correctly, until I start doing my final testing... the Ecwid content (housed in embedded blocks and the site footer) will not load initially and sometimes shows up after a page refresh.

Has anyone experienced this before? If so, could I ask how to resolve this issue?

If it helps, I'm using the Brine template (i think).

For reference, if you navigate to any of my service pages, you'll see the image load, the text load under it, and probably a small blank space on the right side where the pricing info/shop is supposed to be.  If you hit F5 or just refresh the page, the shop *should* load.  I'm trying to get it to load on the first initial visit.  I've also included screenshots if that helps.




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Thanks so much for your help paul.  I've disabled AJAX for now on my site and while ecwid still takes a moment to pop up, the pricing information is now showing up on the initial load.  I'll read through your guide more thoroughly and see if there is a way i can smooth it out a bit.  Thanks so much! 😄

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