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Can I change the product type?


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It's a pain but if you have alot of products to change it's worth downloading csv file and updating that way.

1. download file

2. import into Google Sheets (trust me on this)

3. delete product id, variant id, and product url data (not headers)

4. find and replace PHYSICAL with SERVICE

5. Download new csv

6. import into squarespace


You will now have new items but also the old ones.

Now you need to change inventory of old csv to 0 and upload those. Will make easier to identify old ones to delete.

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33 minutes ago, candodigital said:

Can I change it to digital?

Once a product is created its type can not be changed.

Although I'm not 100% certain it appears that SS doesn't allow the import or export of digital products. I just tested trying to export a digital product and SS refused so it seems likely the import is not allowed as well.


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46 minutes ago, candodigital said:

Can I change [a physical product] to digital?

No, you cannot change a product's type.

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