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Displaying products from different pages in the same page

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Site URL: https://www.jupiter10.com

Hi there, 

I sell wallpaper and they are are divided into collections. On the main navigation menu, the customer can choose to browse between 4 different collections. 
I would like to add on the this menu an option to browse  “ALL WALLPAPERS” which would display all wallpapers from all collections in the same product page at once.
I’ve tried this using Summary Block, but it's not working as it display a max of 30 products and I want to display over 100. Also the images are static.  Currently on each individual collection if you hover the mouse over an image it would change, with the summary block it doesn’t.
How can I do this?  Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. 

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If you place all the products from all the collections into the same Product Page (you can move them), then this Product Page will be the "All Wallpapers" page. If the products are in categories (as they already appear to be) then you can create links to filtered versions of the Products Page to create the Collection pages. 

For example, if your /shop page contained all the collections, the url https://www.jupiter10.com/shop/?category=Modernist I would only show the products in the Modernist I collection.

I hope that makes sense.

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Hi @paul2009

Thank you, I thought about doing it this way, but if I change the product link I would create a bigger a problem, because I have internal linkage, running FB ads, communication with customers etc.. all depend on these existing links. Once I change the structure these links will be broken and it will be a headache to deal with. 

I was thinking of a more straight forward way, like to create a page and somehow make this page show the content of all these other product pages. Is it possible? 

Thank you. 


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