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Location based pages/pricing

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Site URL: https://www.martinroper.co.uk

Hi everybody, is there a way to have different pages load based on where the person viewing a site is based? For example, my client is based in the UK, but also sells his photography services overseas. I would like to have a different pricing page show up for somebody in Spain (for example) that has euro based pricing rather than UK Pounds. Same with the USA, Australia etc. Not looking to change the language of a page (my client only speaks english ūüėČ) just pricing.


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Thanks Michael, I had taken a look at Geo Redirect but was put off by the pricing for a very small business. But something that I would revisit if the business grew.

No experience with this topic, but wouldn't doing this cause you to run into issues regarding differing exchange rates between different providers? Unless you are planning to do independent pricing.

Though given your example, wouldn't you use a pricing quote structure as you are not just providing goods but may also require transport and accommodation arrangements?



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Thanks Lingwisyer, It's just the main pricing that is a concern, Any travels costs will be per booking basis. The pricing would be independent and reviewed every month to take into account exchange rates etc.

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Hi @WiseDogDesign, to display price differently based on locations,  I would suggest you having 'multiple' e-commerce stores to serve each domain. For example, exampleshop.com for US, and exampleshop.ca for CA and then redirect visitors based on their locations. With multiple domains, you could easily control and display different prices on individual domains. 

Here is a service can  help you achieve the goal: Geo Targetly. Particularly, its Geo Redirect product can help you auto direct visitors to location-specific URLs, where you could control prices separately.

The tool is easy to set. You don't have to code yourself. It will generate Javascript code accordingly for you to add to your website. Hope it helps. 

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