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Site URL: http://myautismally.org/search

Version 7.1 - Please fix the built-in Search function ... numerous issues:   The following is intended to be constructive.

1. In-spite of the help articles the search only works on blog and groups pages, sadly we wasted too much time using the layout template to build pages only to find search doesn't work.

2. Note - the Search does appear to work, for a split second I see results from other pages, but then those disappear and are replaced with the "Your search did not match any documents."

3. Clean up the documentation - if Search doesn't work and you know it - ADMIT IT and tell us when it will work.  If it works partially - ADMIT IT and tell how it "almost sorta" works and when it will really work.

4. For many users there's a difference between SEO search - what we want Google to crawl through, and what we may want our customers, viewers, users to be able to Search.   Albeit, right now with a non-working Search - I'll take "works" with appropriate description ... for example - today 24Feb2020 it "works" on blog pages.

5. Add real world seach, modern, up-to-date capability ... like that box up there at the top of YOUR OWN webpages ... the box on the upper right, with the magnifying glass.

6. When the "search" does work ... stop trying to search letter by letter, you're code programming ain't that good or fast, let the user stop typing, maybe wait for a return character before starting to search.   And stop erasing my search when I want to retry - maybe I just want to change a letter or add/remove a word.

Thank you.

Edited by ally-webmaster

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Posted (edited)

Couldn't agree more!

I've been complaining about search not working in 7.1 for more than 9 months and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! They claim "it's in the works"... RIGHT!

I work in the IT-industry, and know that this is just a matter of prioritisation. They simply don't deem it important enough to fix before doing other things.

To me this is baffling since it's a BIG step back in terms of functionality, that as you pointed out they don't even warn about! So customers happily upgrade to 7.1 or develop a new site in it, only to discover search is only halfway implemented in 7.1! They're pushing a half baked solution and expect customers to pay FULL price for that!

FIX THIS SqareSpace!!!

Edited by Lindhagen

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