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SEO title and description not showing in search


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It may takes days (and sometimes weeks) before Google recrawls and reindexes your pages with the new title & description. The greater the authority of your site, the more often it'll get crawled a

I am having the same problem. When I search my website on google it still shows 'Your Custom Text Here' under the website and not the SEO title description that I have entered. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There are many cases when Google or other search engines simply refuse to display what the moderator of the website wants. Let’s start with the fact that all search engines are under no obligations to display exactly what you want to be displayed. I understand your frustration when you work for about 4-5 hours and the results aren’t satisfactory. However there are many other situations when search engines don’t show the site title and description attached to it. It could be that the title is too short or too long, or the description doesn’t reflect the content of your page or many occurrences in HTML code. I highly advise you to use the services of an SEO agency to fix these issues and not get be tossed out from the top ranks.

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