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Importing my CSV is not working. Please Help!

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Site URL: http://www.shapelyevents.com/shop

Hello, please help! again.  I am to switch my site from squarespace 7.0 to 7.1.  In that I realize that I have to start from scratch.  I'm starting with my store and i'm trying to get my inventory from one site to another using the csv sheet as recommended.  I exported it from my current live squarespace store.   I HAVE NOT EDITED IT.  LEFT IT AS IS! When i try to import it on the new platform, 7.1, i'm getting an error message and nothing is changing.  I would hat to have to manually add all these items.  I dont understand why there's an error if I havent changed anything.  Things to note:

- I am still in my trial period.  I haven't made the site live as yet being that I wanted to build it then launch it when I can swap it out with the current one.  Is this a factor? because I'm also getting a pop up telling me that certain features are only available in a commerce plan but I would think I could be able to build out my store using the imported csv before I launch it.    

I've attached photos of my process and what I'm getting.   Someone...anyone...please help. 

Screenshot (236).png

Screenshot (237).png

Screenshot (238).png

Screenshot (239).png

Screenshot (240).png

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As per Squarespace’s support document:

If you're importing products to a different site, remove the values under Product IDand Variant ID, leaving the headers intact.


If you see an answer that was helpful please consider hitting the 121238226_Screenshot2019-11-02at14_53_39.png.0416997a5e856e0159fa1edbd624659e.png button on the right. 

Need help with your website or online store? Feel free to get in touch.


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