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Hi all,

Hope you can help me with this. I am using affiliate marketing from Tradetracker.com. From there I have a text link that I want to put in the description of a youtube video. I don't like that the text link I received from tradetracker is very long and has weird symbols in it. Therefore I would like to use an URL from my squarespace website that redirects people to the tradetracker link. Essentially like this:

Youtube video -> squarespace website (.net domain) -> tradetracker url

I don't want people that press the Youtube link to see my website I want them to end up on the page of the tradetracker url. 

I don't want normal visitors of my squarespace website to see the link in the navigation.

Essentially I would like to use my squarespace website as tinyurl.com to make the link better looking.


I have tried to do this for +/-45 min, checked the forums, checked the articles from squarespace.com etc but I can't figure out how to do this. I know I can add a link to the not linked section of my website but I cannot find the url of that page. (dont even know if it has a url with my .net domain)

To make things worse I have to publish the tradetracker link/Youtube video today. Preferably I use a nice looking link from my squarespace site but if it is not possible I will use the ugly tradetracker link. 

If someone can tell me if and how it is possible you would help me out a lot!



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All you need to do is set-up a URL redirect. Don’t actually set-up the URL as an actual page on your website, just set it up in the URL redirect section. All you will need to do is enter somethin

Still works no problem with the & symbol with my testing. 

Yes the & symbol showed red but was not removed from the redirect. You can try it for yourself by creating a test redirected t such as: /test -> /test& 301 Then just go to your we

All you need to do is set-up a URL redirect. Don’t actually set-up the URL as an actual page on your website, just set it up in the URL redirect section.

All you will need to do is enter something like.

/affiliate -> www.tradetracker.com/yoururl 301


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Thank you for your help! The link works. I have one question/problem left. the tradetracker link contains an & symbol. 

I read that the url cannot contain that symbol and it shows up red in my url mapping. I saved the mapping with the & symbol in it anyway and the link works but now I worry the link won't count towards my affiliate program because squarespace might automatically remove the & symbol and I technically do not use the exact link as given to me by tradetracker.

Do you (or someone else) know if squarespace automatically removes the & symbol and if so if there is a way around it.

I have tested the link but I do not see the result on tradetracker


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Thank you for your reply and effort. I know the link still works I am just worried that it will not count in my tradetracker statistics because Squarespace might automatically remove the symbol. In your testing was the symbol marked red? 

In the link you send I read this:


Most URL redirects can't use ?, &, or # symbols, as these interfere with the redirect process. This may prevent you from redirecting to anchor links, category links, and some Index Pages. One exception is RSS feed URLs, which can contain the ? symbol.

I might be a bit too cautious but this is my first affiliate and I would like it to work correctly. 

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