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Linking to PDF's from an Image

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Can a PDF be linked as a file, to open in a separate window, utilizing the link editor with images within a Gallery?  

I've done this linking process with images in a Gallery to various URL's, and the link editor certainly seems like you can link images to PDF's (to open in a separate window).  But the links do not work?  

I've linked PDF's to open in separate windows from Text links, but the image links within a Gallery do not seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated!


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I finally found a workaround solution for this.  You can create a link to a pdf from an image link.   If anyone would like the work around, I'd be glad to post it.

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I'm assuming from tuznphan's like, that a workaround is requested.  Here it is:

I used the link to file utilizing the text link to file method. Seen below "A".  Using the edit gallery image "B" method does not work.  I set up a dummy text line above the gallery, to created text links to the files temporarily to copy the code generated by this method.  You'll need to save the text edits, reload page and click on each text to pdf file links (links were set to open in new window), and then select the pdf file (new windows) and Copy the address code in the top URL browser window.  It's a long line of code similar to the following.


Then I went back to the Image gallery edit function and used the "Clickthrough URL" option NOT the Edit image file link option "B".  In the "Clickthrough URL" option "C" I pasted the copied code line above.  You could set several text links to pdf options at once and simply move back and forth from your edit gallery image option and paste several different code lines like above with several different tabs preset to provide the various lines of code for each pdf.

Method "C" works within the gallery image edit function to link an image to a pdf.  Method "B" does not.

For some reason the code generated by the text link to pdf is correct "A".  The edit image link to file method "B" does not work.



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