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Adding log in to page

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Hello guys, I need help! I have created a page from a template that doesn't have a log in option. Now I want to add one. I know I have to switch to a Commerce subscription and enable customer accounts first. But then what? I know how to add "Log in" to my navigation but it leads nowhere and I need a log in/sign up form to pop up. I haven't switched to Commerce yet and I'm not sure if they automatically add the option to add a log in/sign up form. I wanted to know for sure how to do it all before I subscribe.

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Hi Bigevil, you might have already figured this out by now but I thought I's go ahead and provide a reply. With a Commerce subscription you can opt to have a account login link/button added to your website header/navigation but you can also manually add links for customers to login or register for accounts. Here are links from one of my websites; however, just use your domain with the same forwarding extensions. Hope that answers your question.



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