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Site URL: https://watermelon-minnow-44tz.squarespace.com/

Website URL: https://watermelon-minnow-44tz.squarespace.com/

Password: VIRGIN

I am trying to get my background video to play with sound on Squarespace Version 7.1. Is there any code to interject somewhere that will allow this? The sounds comes through perfectly when using just a Video Block but it doesn't come through at all when embedding the video into the background. 

I would really appreciate any guidance here. 


Thank you!


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@dmarquez Thanks I bought this and it works. However I want the audio to start playing automatically. Do you know how to customize?

@EVPhoto If it's client work, get them to pay for it.



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@TDavy Hi! Did you ever figure out how to get the audio from the SQSP Themes plugin to play automatically?

@dmarquez Might you know how to do this?


@brigidc.campbell Love your VIRGIN site and looks like you were able to get audio to play automatically on your landing page. Did you do this using the SQSP plugin that @dmarquez suggested?

Thanks all very much!

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@HRawson Thank you so much! I actually ended up putting in an animated .gif and a separate audio file, then hid the audio file.  I put this code in my .css to make it happen. 

// hide audio player on mobile //
@media only screen and (max-width: 640px) {   
player { display: none !important; }}
// hide audio player on desktop //
.audio-block.sqs-block-audio {
 display: none;


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