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Repeating events on calendar


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Site URL: http://www.blackhartstp.com

I maintain our bar's calendar for shows and events and there are several features that are absolutely maddening. Many of our events are weekly, but in order to put each individual event up you must: duplicate the event, delete (copy) which has been added to the title, and then at times you have go in and manually adjust the individual event webpage because it just keeps adding digits to the html every time you duplicate.

All of this means that it takes probably an hour or two each month rather than just setting the calendar for the year in one sitting.


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As mentioned in point 6 of the forum guidelines, Squarespace don't routinely monitor this forum for feature requests or customer questions. If this feature is important to your business, I recommend you contact Squarespace Customer Care to log your concern about this missing feature. The more they hear from customers who are affected by missing features, the easier it is for them to prioritise them.

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Can you say more about duplicating? I can see the "duplicate page," obviously, and trying to debug it. For recurring events, is it best to set them for a day early? 

Also, when multiple events appear, no thumbnails appear and even trying to make the most important event featured does not make the thumbnail appear. At a loss and any help appreciated. 

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I've been frustrated by not being able to do recurring events in SquareSpace for a few years now. I finally decided to give up on the SquareSpace events calendar tool and instead embed a calendar from another website. I ended up embedding our business' Google Calendar which doesn't create the most elegant solution, but it is free. There are other sites like Tockify, CalendarWiz, Time.ly, Loxi.io, etc. that have free and paid plans for more elegant solutions.

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I haven't done this but could you use Eventbrite's recurring feature and embed it into the website?

On 11/9/2020 at 9:23 PM, zuzahicks said:

I'm not really sure what to tell my client at this point. I convinced her to go with Squarespace, having no idea she would need to upload the recurring events manually each time...Does anyone recommend a third party site that can be embedded instead?


Hi 👋 I'm a Squarespace Expert Member, Circle Member & only Squarespace Authorised Trainer in Scotland. 

Hit the little 👍 if I've helped. Need help? Get in touch.

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  • 5 months later...

This is ridiculous.

Not only are you not able to recreate a recurring event, when you do duplicate an event and change the date so that you can create an recurring event manually, it resets the time. 

And the UI for the time setting is ridiculous. Who thought of a drag? Why not a drag AND an input field, so I can type in the time and not waste my time EXACTING the drag? Please fix this.

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Apologies for posting on an old topic, but it seems that this question gets a response every few months with no solution. I think I may have an answer you will like.

I'm the founder of eventcalendarapp.com. Our software lets you build an Event Calendar and then add it to your Squarespace page. 

We offer all softs of features, but most importantly we have full support for recurring events. Everything you could ever think off:

  • Every day
  • Every week (and only on certain days)
  • Every 3rd day of the month
  • Complete custom dates of your choose
  • Honestly, literally anything.

I appreciate the downsides of using external software rather than something that is baked into Squarespace however the beauty of this is that we can do things that Squarespace can’t. 

If you are interested, here is an example of a Squarespace site using Event Calendar App and recurring events:


Thanks everyone.

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On 1/6/2022 at 4:05 AM, pezza3434 said:

Our software lets you build an Event Calendar and then add it to your Squarespace page.

I checked out your app and it looks fantastic. But even your cheapest plan is quite expensive... more expensive than Squarespace's Business Plan. So the calendar would cost my clients more than their whole website. I work with small businesses and nonprofits (such as churches and schools) who are not making money off their events. I want to suggest that your app develop a "non-ticketing" plan that is actually affordable for those who are not selling tickets... comparable to Loxi.io which is $8/month. Thanks for sharing!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I may as well go ahead and pile on. It is nuts that we can't create recurring calendar events and have everything about each event repeat except for the date and URL. I do hundreds of events each year. Really don't want to manually enter them all... Even the duplicate event option is cumbersome. It's hard to imagine that the techies at Squarespace can't figure this out. 

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Yep...same boat. This just isn't good enough. As someone has already mentioned - I convinced my client to go for a Squarespace site and now feeling like an idiot as I'm only now realising that they will have to input their multiple weekly events manually. They were promised a slick looking calendar included in the cost of the website and now it turns out it will be huge burden to them. If adding this feature means Squarespace needs to 'replace Events entirely with something else'....then that just needs to happen. It's surely the most basic function you could hope to achieve with a calendar widget. Please fix. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have to agree that this is needed.  When you choose the events template, there are a lot of great features, but setting the date is so limited. Why do I have to jump a month at a time to get to the right month? Why can't I just pick the month, day, and year? 

If the event will be recurring or have multiple shifts, I should be able to add those, so it will appear at every day, without having redundant work of copying the event for every instance of its occurrence.

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