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Setting Up a Digital Product as a Gift

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Hi Guys,

This is an update to a post I made yesterday. After pretty extensive research, I have determined what I was trying to do is currently not possible with SquareSpace. I have lowered my expectations and want to try Plan B. 😂

I am trying to create a digital product (mp3 download) that can be sent as a gift with a personal message. I created a digital product with the download and then created a custom form that is triggered when someone clicks Add to Cart. The form collects the recipient's email address and a personalized message. However, I have not been able to figure out how to access the email address or message to do anything with them (for example, I would still like the giver to get an order confirmation/receipt - but I would like the recipient only to get the email with the personalized message and link to the download). 

Any idea if this is possible? Any insight would be really appreciated!



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I think I understand and have accomplished this by using a third party app, Wufoo to collect the information and send the confirmation using $0 as the cost. Seems to be working for an exhibition call.

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I would LOVE this option. But I don't think that SquareSpace offers it. I don't know why they don't. I'd happily upgrade to have it as a feature.

 In the past I've used Send Owl (https://www.sendowl.com/). To be honest, I was revisiting this and hoping the forum would  offer a workaround. But it appears that Send Owl is the workaround.  

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