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Setting timezones for individual events

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I'm making event pages for a tour I'm going on soon. As it takes place in a different country to where I currently live, the timezones would be very different. Yet from the SquareSpace guides it looks like the timezone for events is set to my local timezone - which is going to be a problem for people who want to save the event to their own calendar!

Is there a way to set the timezone for each event based on the location of the event itself?

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I'm wondering the same thing. The SquareSpace docs indicate that it's stuck on the local time of the publisher and doesn't automatically convert for a page visitor from a different time zone. "Start and end time. These are based on the time zone set in Language and Region Settings, and won't change based on a visitor's time zone."

If we're lucky, I'll assume that visitors can download a calendar invitation that may convert to local time. But for a general visitor, many events may look like they take place at a crazy time (for example, 3 a.m. Atlanta instead of 9 a.m. Paris). 

I'm surprised that we can't either customize the time as we publish or the site can't ask for location services to automatically convert to visitors' local timezones.

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