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Hi all. I can't seem to find this question anywhere on the Circle forums. Hoping someone can help.
I have a client who has a Squarespace site built by another designer. They have terminated their contract with that designer and hired me to redesign their website and fix some things their previous designer did. The only problem is the previous designer holds all the login credentials and is listed as the official Owner of the site, however it is paid for by my client. All attempts to contact the previous designer to obtain the login credentials and Ownership have proven unsuccessful (related: this is partially why they were fired). The contract my client had with the designer does not specify that the website would be the property of the designer and not the client.
Is there any recourse through Squarespace I can advise my client to pursue? How do I resolve this issue short of building a brand new website from scratch thereby losing the domain name and messing with brand the client has built over decades.
Thanks so much. 

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On 2/26/2020 at 10:10 PM, Bellpsych said:

I am faced with a very similar problem.  Have you found any information that would be helpful?

Can't say that I have. Ended up having the client authorize a new site with a new domain. Super unfortunate.

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Hi everyone, 

Considering the situations you are describing here, you may want to contact Squarespace Customer Support by filling out this Account Recovery Form here:

Account Recovery Form

They will assess the case and get back to you.  

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