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When I upload files, I do not see an option to put them in folders. Do all my uploaded files just go into 1 place? It seems as time goes on it will get really messy. Is there a way to organize uploaded files?

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@JohnWood The answer depends on the types of files you are uploading, and where you are uploading them to. 

If you are referring to files that you upload to allow visitors to download them (PDFs, DOCs, PPTs and so on) then it's true that they all go to one place (the "/s/" folder). However you CAN delete them, whenever you want to.

To delete a file:

  • In the link editor, click the gear icon  in the URL box.
  • Click the File tab.
  • Find the file in the list and hover over it, then click ...
  • Click Delete, then click Delete again to confirm.
  • Click Save.


You can also upload certain file types to other areas of your Squarespace website:

  • Images: You can add images to Gallery Pages, Gallery Blocks, Image Blocks and Banners.
  • Site Logo: You can add a logo in place of your site title.
  • Favicon or browser icon: Favicons display in browser tabs.
  • Audio: Audio files and podcasts can be added to Audio Blocks and play directly on your site.
  • CSS: Image and font files can be uploaded to the Custom CSS editor for use in Custom CSS.

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This may be somewhat off topic, but regarding allowing visitors to download PDFs, can a PDF be linked as a file utilizing the link editor with images within a Gallery?  I've done this linking process with images in a Gallery to various URL's, and the link editor certainly seems like you can link images to PDF's (to open in a separate window).  But the links do not work?  I've linked PDF's to open in separate windows from Text links, but the image links to not seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated!


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