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7.1 Featuring same portfolio on two pages, portfolio limits & big portfolio structure

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1. The new 7.1 portfolio feature seems great, but ideally I'd like a main 'work' subpage featuring my full portfolio, and a few of these portfolio items  'featured' on the homepage.

Currently the only way to do this seems to be to have two separate portfolios, one for 'work' and one for 'featured homepage'. Obviously for the same portfolio item to be in both of these would result in duplicated pages, which would be bad for SEO/UX. Another workaround might be to have the homepage one as a basic 'gallery' with click throughs to the individual portfolio pages but you lose the functionality of the hover/overlay title of the portfolio item.

Is there another workaround or way to set this up that I'm missing?

2. The Portfolio item limit is 40, which isn't great for bigger or busier portfolios. What's the best workaround for bigger portfolios?

The only thing I can envisage is a main 'work' portfolio, and as it gets bigger moving case-studies over to an 'work 2015-2020' portfolio, repeating for subsequent years as it overspills and linking to these somewhere on the 'work' portfolio. Apart from the manual/admin headache and bad UX, this would also require setting up 301 redirects from the old '/work' content to the new '/work-2015-2020' content after you move it so seems a bit messy to me.

Appreciate any thoughts or advice on these!


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I am having the exact same questions as @willhowe. Currently building a portfolio and I would like to feature 2 or 3 items on the homepage, so visitors can see which ones are newly added to our work. Would also appreciate some advice. 

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1. Another workaround might be to have the homepage one as a basic 'gallery' with click through

You can use CSS to create hover effect. If you create gallery or image blocks first, then share link + describe hover effect, I can take a look.


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I'm having the same critique.  I really want to make pages and then be able to have them appear in multiple portfolios.  I just tested out your work around with creating gallery's with images and then use the image to link to a page but this is not ideal.  They created the Portfolio page for a reason.  The other thing I want to be able to do is once I create a portfolio and a page inside in, if I choose to not want it on that page anymore, I have to delete it, or if I want to move it to another Portfolio, I have to delete it and rebuild the page in another portfolio.  This is super annoying.

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Another massive design flaw in 7.1. I must be wrong but it seems as if Squarespace is shifting it's focus to more regular websites, online businesses and such. As an artist portfolio site there are some very basic, essential options missing. Not being able to control the height of a portrait image in your gallery being another one.

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I have the same issue. Struggle how to connect the same project from the Home "Work" portfolio section and Work Portfolio Page. I didn't find any solution, so basically have thought of switching the platform.


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