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Need the option to have 2 separate main nav bars and the capability to decide which pages show the desired nav


Sorry if the title is confusing. I have a yoga studio client who has two locations. They would like the site to start from a landing page that gives you the option to click into either location. The user will then be given either version of a full identical website, with differing information on each page. Each of the identical sites will have a homepage and navigation. In order to keep this all on one domain rather than two, I'll need two separate main navigation bars - where I can decide which pages my nav of choice will appear on. 

Please help

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I have a similar issue...

A church I'm intending to build a site for has 3 entities - church, school, childcare.  They want all 3 to remain within the same site for their specific reasons.  Need to be able to have a separate navbar when someone goes to the school portion or the childcare portion to avoid buttons everywhere.

Squarespace options or CSS options?


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