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Make Brine Folder Navigation Keyboard Accessible


I am working with the Brine Template and want to make the navigation elements within the Header-nav-folder accessible via keyboard. Today, I am able to tab through these links; however, because the menu only expands upon hover of the parent folder, a user is unable to see that they are navigating through a sub-menu. This causes a huge accessibility problem for keyboard-only users. I couldn't find anything in the CSS that triggers this onHover for me to add an onFocus event handler, so I'm a bit stuck as to how to make this appear without the use of a mouse. Any help is appreciated!

URL: www.lftphi.com 

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Hi @SJSchaidt,

You can use CSS to force the style (position, visibility, and opacity depending on the template) by using the :focus-within pseudo-class. This targets the folder and forces it to be visible whenever a child element is focused by the keyboard. For Brine I believe it'd be something like this:

.subnav:focus-within div {opacity:1!important;}

With an effect like this:


Our team implements this kind of custom code all the time within our Squarespace accessibility service. We also add other keyboard accessibility features such as a skip link and re-enabled focus indicator, along with other ADA-compliant features such as custom alt text and high contrast mode.

Check out our website if you're interested in a free audit: squareada.com


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Is your Squarespace website ADA compliant? Find out with our free accessibility audit.

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