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I designed a site last year with multiple navigation font colors by adding this code into the title of each navigation item so that it looked like the attached picture: <font color="0c9e9f">About</font>

Squarespace has since updated, and the code no longer works. The navigation colors are set to white again. www.ralphfarris.com

Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this? I would really appreciate it!



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add to Home > Design > Custom CSS. Do similar for all items

.Header-nav-folder-title[href="/info"] {
    color: red;
.Header-nav-folder-title[href="/contact-1"] {
    color: green;
.Header-nav-folder-title[href="/about"] {
    color: pink;
.Header-nav-folder-item[href="/performer"] {
    color: pink !important;


Send me a message if you have any questions (free 10 minutes).

Don't send to forum message. I will check all questions via the link above

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